Sony WF-XB700 truly wireless earphones review

The WF-XB700 are the most recent in Sony’s Extra Bass arrangement. Not to be mistaken for the WH-XB700, which are full-sized circumaural earphones, the WF-XB700 that we are seeing today are a couple of really remote earbuds.

The WF-XB700 are a more reasonable option in contrast to Sony’s mainstream however costly WF-1000XM3 headphones. These do exclude the dynamic commotion dropping and a portion of the further developed highlights of the WF-1000XM3 yet have a more standard list of capabilities with the expansion of Extra Bass sound. At $130, the WF-XB700 are a full $100 less expensive than the WF-1000XM3 and more in accordance with the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the standard Apple AirPods.

While not the least expensive really remote headphones available, the Sony WF-XB700 might be a decent decision for somebody searching for a quality item from a more legitimate brand instead of getting something from Amazon’s deal container. We should perceive how well they toll, particularly against set up rivals.


The WF-XB700 arrive in a now-basic pill-formed case. The case is somewhat bigger than what most genuinely remote headphones have however the explanation behind that gets obvious later on when you take the headphones out.

The case is done in matte plastic and feels very pleasant. The top is clear, which permits you to see the status LEDs for the case, and the individual headphones inside without opening it. Having said that, the LEDs for the case and headphones point an alternate way so you can’t generally observe them all initially from a similar edge.

The rear of the case has a USB-C connector for charging.

Opening up the cover, you notice that the case configuration is inclined forward, making the headphones calculated towards you. The impact is like opening a case for a bit of adornments however is likely done so you can see all the LEDs all the more unmistakably from outside when the cover is shut. In any case, as we talked about previously, that doesn’t exactly work.

Before I get to the headphones themselves, I need to specify that the cover has a serious fulfilling opening and shutting component. It’s reasonable Sony engineers gave some consideration to the case plan, and it is surely significantly more pleasant than those you get with modest really remote headphones.

Presently, on to the headphones. At the point when you pull one of these out you understand why the case is such a great amount of taller than most other genuinely remote headphone cases. The headphones appear to be huge from the outset and bigger than what I had foreseen dependent on pictures. It’s a practically outsider looking walled in area, with an entirely typical outside and afterward a wide range of shapes and members protruding out of it. There are three layers to the plan, the external case, at that point a second layer that sits inside your external ear, and afterward at last the part that goes in your ear.

The entirety of this gives the WF-XB700 headphones a serious extraordinary appearance and from the start, I didn’t know how this even goes in my ears. My underlying evaluation that the Sony logo outwardly would be flat once I wear them wasn’t right and the logo sits practically vertical once they are in your ears. When you make sense of that, putting them on is as simple as some other headphones.

The manual for these headphones appears to suggest that you bend them while embeddings in your ears however I wouldn’t exactly suggest that. The headphones go in fine even without bending and it’s extremely simple to squeeze your ears while contorting them in so it appears to be somewhat perilous too.

Both the headphones have one catch each for controlling all the capacities. The rundown of capacities appears to be exorbitant from the outset however as you use them you become acclimated to it. The catch on the left controls volume; you press to increment and press and hold to diminish. The catch on the correct controls the playback; press once to play/delay, twice to avoid forward, threefold to skirt back. On the off chance that you press and hold it actuates the voice collaborator on your telephone. Both the left and right fastens can be squeezed to get/end calls.

I’ll say this regarding the catches; Sony had the presence of mind to actualize the catches on the headphones rather on head of them. This implies you can squeeze them without squeezing the whole headphone more profound into your ears. The quantity of makers who neglect to get a handle on this essential plan idea is confounding.

The size of the headphones is somewhat enormous and they additionally stick out a reasonable piece out of your ears. This implies you can’t easily wear them in bed. It’s likewise not especially agreeable to wear them with a face veil, particularly on the off chance that you have littler ears like mine that get pulled in by the versatile lashes.

Another issue with the plan of the WF-XB700 is that it is by all accounts held set up just by the ear tips inside your ears. While it never felt like they would drop out, because of the extra mass hanging out, the headphones will in general bob in your ears when you walk or run. This is because of the stun that goes up through your heels when they hit the ground, which makes the body of the headphones bob as it’s just held set up at a certain point. This makes a little however perceptible vibration in your ears each time you stroll on a hard surface that might possibly trouble you.

The flawless thing about the plan of the WF-XB700 is that it is IPX4 evaluated for water opposition. This implies you can wear them during exercises or in the downpour without stressing over water or sweat harm. They are not, nonetheless, evaluated for utilize submerged. Likewise, the rating is only for the headphones and not the situation.


The WF-XB700 are a sensibly agreeable pair of headphones. The silicone ear tips are delicate and the default size accommodates my ears consummately. On the off chance that that is not the situation for you, there are two extra sizes in the container.

Notwithstanding, for the reasons referenced in the past area, I wasn’t generally content with these headphones. The vibrations while strolling were very observable and not something I could overlook. It likewise appears to be that an aspect of the plastic trim sits against my ear with a certain goal in mind that for brief terms isn’t observable at everything except in the event that I wear them for as much as 30 minutes I do feel a strain around the passage of the ear trench. This might be because of the headphones basically utilizing this district to stay their whole weight as opposed to utilizing things like blades that some different headphones use.

So for short, stationary meetings, I was completely content with the solace of these headphones yet I wouldn’t utilize these for broadened meetings or running. Notwithstanding, comfort for in-ears can be very emotional dependent on ear measures so your mileage will change.

Programming and highlights

The WF-XB700 are not viable with Sony’s Headphone Connect application. This implies you can’t redo the sound, update the firmware or access any extra capacities. You are basically restricted to what you escape the crate and whatever your associated telephone has to bring to the table.

The WF-XB700 uphold Bluetooth 5.0, in any case, there is no multi-gadget matching help. Regarding codecs, you are restricted to SBC and AAC yet as I regularly state in these audits, what codecs you have has less of an effect on sound quality than how the codec is executed and how the sound is coded, decoded and afterward prepared.

The WF-XB700 need NFC so any matching must be done physically. Out of the container, they are now in matching mode so you are a great idea to go. In the event that you have to fix them, simply press and hold catches on both the headphones for seven seconds to place them into blending mode.

The odd thing with the WF-XB700 is that declarations with respect to network and matching frequently occur in simply the left headphone in any event, when both are being used. The two headphones will report their individual battery status yet for everything else that worries them both, the declaration just occurs in one ear. Not certain what the rationale behind that is.


The Sony WF-XB700 are acceptable sounding pair of headphones. The sound has clearly been intended to highlight the bass yet the remainder of the sound range is shockingly even. This is a takeoff from what we typically observe on Sony Extra Bass Headphones that include a trim sided sound mark that makes it difficult to see whatever else in the sound other than the bass.

Beginning with the low-end, the WF-XB700 have maybe one of the most limited bass lifts I’ve heard in Sony’s history. Not short of going hard and fast, Sony’s Extra Bass items frequently include a ranting base end that overpowers your eardrums. The WF-XB700 adopts a more elegant strategy here, with a deliberate spot of the volume dial over the whole bass range. We are talking very little more than about 5dB lift over the range.

What this does is give a decent kick to the low-end without blowing it out of extents. Drums and other percussion instruments have a more profound bang to them without losing their quintessence. Electronic bass drops are only that bit more agreeable without blowing your ears. There is a touch of thunder and boominess because of boosting frequencies that weren’t intended to be supported yet it isn’t also diverting here and relying upon the substance (motion pictures, games) may even be agreeable.

Maybe the best thing about this deliberate bass reaction is that it doesn’t spill into the mid-extend, which is shockingly perfect and common. There is no irritating low-mid lift that just makes male voices sound counterfeit and irritating. On tracks that don’t have a huge amount of bass, you can even now hear all the instruments and vocals plainly enough and it’s not the situation where if the bass doesn’t appear, the gathering is dropped.

The top of the line isn’t great but on the other hand it’s not awful. There is by all accounts somewhat of a plunge in the lower-high pitch run yet it appears to get later. This causes a little drop in detail and presence in string instruments and female vocals yet the better quality detail comes through with things like cymbal crashes. So there is somewhat of a lopsidedness there and some S and T sounds could come through more grounded than proposed however generally the top of the line isn’t excessively ratty as you get veritable presence and augmentation in a locale that I’m simply not used to in current Sony sound.

When seen in general, the sound mark can best be portrayed as fun. While bass lift sound items are intended to be fun, they frequently penance such a great amount at the special stepped area of bass that there’s typically nothing else left to hear in the sound. The WF-XB700 lets you have it both ways; you can appreciate an elegantly applied bass lift while likewise having the option to make out the vocals and instruments in the sound.

Presently allowed it’s not the most point by point or profound sound and even the moderately limited bass lift probably won’t be for everybody. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and the new Buds+ have sound exactness under control, with an entirely spotless, unbiased, and itemized sound any semblance of which you once in a while get from Bluetooth headphones. However, the WF-XB700 are plainly not going for exactness so’s not a reasonable correlation. What’s more, regardless, they sound alliances better than the standard Apple AirPods.

Returning to the WF-XB700, the headphones have incredible imaging execution that is presently expected of any half-better than average pair of headphones or earphones. The soundstage isn’t exceptional; you aren’t getting a speaker-like encounter here, and yet it’s sensibly roomy without sounding excessively confined.

There are several niggles with the sound. One, the sound on these headphones can never be genuine 0%. Indeed, even at the most minimal volume level you can hear the sound still faintly playing out of sight. This isn’t an issue as such yet simply something significant.

The other one is more irksome. There is a reasonable piece of foundation commotion that can be discernible under the correct conditions. In the event that you are tuning in to these in a tranquil room, at that point you can make out the commotion in the foundation when nothing else is playing. It’s particularly simple to see when the DAC/amp inside the headphones kick in and out. At the point when the headphones aren’t playing anything, the sound framework closes down till it gets a sign. Now and again applications on telephones can impart a sign in any event, when there is no solid, for things like GIFs, for instance. This will make the equipment kick vigorously and in the event that you happen to be wearing them in a generally calm room it’s very simple to hear the murmur playing on the speakers and afterward go calm again when the sign drops.

Foundation murmur is a typical issue on Bluetooth items, particularly less expensive ones as the segments aren’t sufficiently high quality to try resolving these issues. It isn’t so troublesome and not perceptible at all when playing music but rather in the event that you are an audiophile or coming over from wired earphones, at that point you likely wouldn’t be too glad about this.

Sound dormancy on the WF-XB700 is worthy. It wasn’t also diverting while at the same time watching recordings and didn’t frustrate my interactivity experience, either.

The receiver execution is OK. Voices do sound somewhat automated and you can hear the commotion dropping calculation working between delays yet in general the sound is adequate for calls.


The WF-XB700 have a guaranteed nonstop battery life of 9 hours. The case gives one extra charge to an additional 9 hours of utilization, so a consolidated 18 hours of battery life.

During my standard battery channel test, the WF-XB700 continued for around 9 and a half long stretches of consistent playback. That is any longer than most really remote headphones in its group, including the Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods, and near the more costly Galaxy Buds+. The consolidated 18 hours probably won’t appear to be that noteworthy contrasted with different models yet the WF-XB700 offers a greater amount of it persistently as opposed to separating it over numerous charges.

Discussing charging, this is something that takes some time on the WF-XB700. Charging the headphones takes 2.5 hours and charging the case itself takes 3 hours. The headphones additionally get genuinely warm when they are charging inside the situation and putting them on like that isn’t especially lovely.

Sony has a quick charge arrangement of sorts, which gives an hour of battery life after only 10 minutes for the situation. This accomplishes function as promoted and the headphones endured a reasonable piece longer than an hour in my test. This ought to be fine for most circumstances yet be ready for a significant delay for a full charge.


As referenced at the outset, the Sony WF-XB700 are evaluated at around $130, which is a totally sensible measure of cash for a non-passage level model from a presumed organization. What’s more, at the cost, I think the WF-XB700 is great worth.

The key takeaway for me here is the sound quality, which is very acceptable and not something you can underestimate with really remote headphones. In the wake of utilizing a reasonable number of these I have gone to the tragic acknowledgment that lone a couple of them have some similarity to great sound quality while most are simply appalling. The majority of the cost just goes into ensuring they work at all as it is difficult to execute this structure factor, so there’s generally next to no consideration being paid to how they sound. That is one reason why I don’t actually day by day drive a genuinely remote headphone set.

In any case, the WF-XB700 evades the pattern fairly and is among the better sounding sets available. The accentuation is especially on having additional bass as it says on the tin yet the remainder of the sound mark is likewise shockingly even. A set like this would regularly be saved for use during exercises, particularly with things like its IPX4 water-obstruction rating however I discovered they are very usable for basic tuning in too and I don’t really long to change them out for something better in the event that I simply need to plunk down and hear some out music. It additionally helps that the battery life is very acceptable, as has by and large been the situation with a great deal of Sony Bluetooth items.

So by and large, for $130, the WF-XB700 are an alluring alternative. I would even now suggest the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in the event that you need a more unbiased sound yet for the individuals who like a touch of bass lift without bargaining a lot on the remainder of the sound, the WF-XB700 are a strong buy and get my proposal.