Samsung Galaxy A51 Review In Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a moderately reasonable Android telephone you may purchase on the off chance that you can’t stretch to the Galaxy S20.

A lower value accompanies evident downsizes. The back is plastic instead of glass, the cameras aren’t as acceptable (regardless of whether there are five of them), the chipset is less amazing, and pleasant to-have additional items like water opposition are missing.

Exemplary Samsung characteristics you do get in the Galaxy A51 incorporate an intense AMOLED screen, and programming that looks simply like that of the Galaxy S20 arrangement.

At $399 (£329, AU$599) the Samsung A51 appears to be a certain fire hit. In any case, there are more clear execution issues here than in choices like the Motorola Moto G8 Plus and Oppo Reno 2Z. Android moves excessively gradually. Portions of the camera application do too now and again. Fortunately, games aren’t influenced as gravely. PUBG fans: don’t stress.

Try not to expect wonders from the camera either. Likewise with numerous moderate quad-camera telephones, this feels increasingly like a double focal point handset with some insane additional items, in spite of the fact that its tertiary full scale camera is superior to most in this class and offers an alternate method to take photographs.

Since we’ve assessed this gadget, Samsung has additionally presented a somewhat changed variant called the Galaxy A51 5G. We’ve yet to test that gadget appropriately, and it includes an alternate chipset with extra 5G availability.


158.5 x 73.6 x 7.9mm, 172g

Clad in plastic however with a particular look

Dark, white, blue, and pink completions

The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers a portion of the structure qualities of Samsung’s better quality telephones. Yet, there are a couple of giveaways that it isn’t a piece of the expensive Galaxy S arrangement.

Show fringes are thin, and the front camera sits in one of Samsung’s ‘Endlessness O‘ punch gaps. Be that as it may, the back is plastic as opposed to glass and the front camera doesn’t converge into the front glass anyplace close just as most.

Without a doubt, the front glass covers the selfie camera. Be that as it may, the layers underneath are undeniably increasingly intelligent, making the Samsung A51‘s selfie camera stand apart like a small monocle.

Side catches are plastic as well. The outcome? The Samsung Galaxy A51’s assemble is nearer to that of a Motorola Moto G8 or Oppo A5 2020 than a very good quality Samsung.

It has a fairly unmistakable back, however. Like other later An arrangement telephones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has a completion of meeting lines, reducing, each with a marginally unique look. The base part has a pinstripe surface of slender lines, for instance, sitting under the top plastic layer.

This is a moderately unpretentious look, however when the Samsung Galaxy A51 gets the light you’ll see gleaming rainbow conditions that will in general pool into laser streaks over the bended edges.

It can be mistaken for a costly Samsung a good ways off, especially as the enormous four-focal point camera lodging on the back looks progressed. This telephone is a reasonable size as well, made for media and more extensive than the Galaxy S20.

Like most telephones at the value, the Samsung Galaxy A51 offers no official water obstruction. In any case, it has a 3.5mm earphone port, which is convenient on the off chance that you are yet to make the bounce to Bluetooth earphones.

It has an in-screen unique finger impression scanner as well, another endeavor to make the Samsung Galaxy A51 appear to be a top of the line telephone. In any case, this is anything but an extraordinary scanner. It is more slow than most and will neglect to perceive fingers on the off chance that they are even somewhat wet, or on the off chance that you are not extremely cautious about the situation of your thumb.

Less expensive telephones with less in vogue back scanner cushions open all the more rapidly and dependably.


  • 6.5-inch 1080 x 2400 Super AMOLED screen
  • Interminability O punch-opening
  • Not too bad screen however has a blue tint

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 1080 x 2400 goals. This is a moment win on paper, the same number of telephones at the cost have LCD screens.

OLEDs will in general convey a lot further shading, and consistently have preferable difference over LCDs, since they go through light pixels as opposed to an all inclusive backdrop illumination. This isn’t one of Samsung’s most noteworthy OLED boards, notwithstanding, and there are two or three evident issues.

Less propelled OLED boards take on a marginally blue shade from an edge, for the most part when you turn a telephone screen left or right. It’s infrequently a significant issue, since we as a whole gander at our telephones front-on, isn’t that so?

In any case, this impact originates from the other course in the Samsung A51. Hold it in a casual, inclined way and the head of the showcase has this blue color. It is just clear when noteworthy pieces of the screen are white, as in website pages for instance, however in a flash shows this isn’t probably the best oled.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 gets the other common advantages of an OLED show. Its discretionary Vivid screen mode looks exceptionally soaked, and differentiate in a dull room is unmistakably obviously better than LCD telephones at the cost.

Screen brilliance is genuinely acceptable as well, if not comparable to the Galaxy S20. Most extreme brilliance appears to be moderate when utilized inside, however the Samsung Galaxy A51 kicks up an apparatus when taken outside on a splendid day. It likewise tinkers with shading and difference to expand perceivability in extreme conditions.

It’s not exactly brilliant enough to let you watch films in direct daylight serenely, however the interface and website pages look genuinely clear.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is likewise affirmed for HD Netflix from dispatch, yet it doesn’t bolster HDR video.

Issues aside this is a decent telephone for video gushing, albeit anyplace however inside the intelligent (if small) punch gap camera is doubly diverting.


  • Quad-focal point back camera
  • 48MP, 12MP, 5MP and 5MP sensors
  • Ultra-wide, profundity and full scale auxiliary cams

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has four back cameras. In any case, when you first boot up the camera you might be left considering what half of them do.

There’s no zoom, which is the exemplary indication of a multi-camera arrangement where additional focal points are utilized to beef up the numbers. We can’t fault Samsung totally for this, as it is difficult to fit a decent zoom camera into a sensibly valued telephone.

You get a 48MP primary camera, a 12MP ultra-wide one and a couple of 5MP cameras utilized for close-up large scale pictures and for foundation obscured profundity shots.

It’s not hard to recognize the filler: those two 5MP cameras. Be that as it may, this case is significantly less horrifying than, for instance, what Oppo has attempted as of late. The Oppo A9 2020 has a few seriously futile 2MP cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy A51’s 5MP large scale camera won’t see you win a Wildlife Photographer of the Year grant, however it is amusing to mess with. You can get incredibly near your subject, and shoot protests the principle camera won’t center around. Its principle issue, other than just tolerable picture quality, is obscuring. A little handshake development will demolish your photographs except if the light level is acceptable.

This is as yet a valuable large scale camera, and offers another approach to consider how you take photographs. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the less expensive telephones we’ve seen with an adequate full scale camera. Samsung doesn’t appear to be excessively pleased with it, however, as you need to dive into the all-inclusive menu to locate the large scale mode. We would not be shocked if numerous A51 proprietors never do.

The principle camera’s sensor is the Sony IMX582, found in a heap of Chinese telephones. Like most 48MP telephone sensors, it takes 12MP pictures and uses pixel binning to improve picture quality.

Fine surface detail isn’t comparable to the local 12.2MP sensor of the Google Pixel 3a. There’s a prepared hope to pictures close up that is not found in the top tier camera telephones, however broad picture quality is acceptable. Like other Samsung telephones the Galaxy A51 utilizes heaps of HDR preparing to capitalize on any scene you shoot.

There are a couple of little issues. You don’t get a solid perspective on the shot you take in the camera application. What you see is before the preparing has been applied, with no sign of how much better HDR will make the image look. The uplifting news? That implies the last picture will really be significantly better.

An absence of a decent see picture is regular in less expensive telephones.

The Galaxy A51’s ultra-wide photographs are likewise definitely more soaked than the standard wide shots, which makes grass look ridiculous, nearly neon. This aside, ultra-wide pictures are strong. They offer lower dynamic range and less shadow detail than the primary camera, yet this is not out of the ordinary at the cost. Wide shots are still well worth taking.

Our last sensor assists with Live Focus photographs, Samsung’s form of a Portrait mode where the foundation is obscured out. Different telephones figure out how to make profundity maps without a committed profundity sensor, and here the obscuring for the most part won’t kick in if your subject is in excess of a few meters away.

All things considered, the obscuring impact is sufficiently beguiling, and sensible item acknowledgment implies it won’t generally be promptly clear the shot was taken with a telephone instead of a bigger camera with a wide gap focal point. The Samsung Galaxy A51’s Portrait mode despite everything will in general self-destruct with complex subjects, as it will in many telephones.

Late evening shooting isn’t a Galaxy A51 feature. It can light up scenes and there is a committed Night mode, however we don’t see anything like the low-light smarts Samsung put into the Galaxy S20. Dull shots frequently look smeared and are low on detail. The Night mode helps a piece. Be that as it may, just a piece, and it takes a few seconds to complete the picture.

There are a few issues with the Samsung Galaxy A51’s fundamental camera experience as well. Its application rushes to stack up and arrive at where you can shoot. Exchanging between the ultra-wide and standard perspectives takes excessively long, and we have seen a couple of episodes of persistent accidents.

While those accidents likely won’t be an issue for long, the general languor might be. Camera execution issues are irregular instead of steady, yet we noticed them normally while out shooting.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 can shoot video at up to 4K goals, 30 casings for each second (fps). Why no 60fps? It is a constraint of the Sony IMX582 sensor, as the processor can

handle 4K encoding at up to 120fps.

We prescribe adhering to 1080p more often than not, as 4K video is totally non-balanced out, and will hence look junk except if you stop. There’s additionally no real way to switch among wide and ultra-wide perspectives as you shoot, a slick type of on-the-fly altering accessible in different telephones. So the Samsung Galaxy A51’s video is really essential.

Its front camera has a 32MP sensor and is helpful for a wide range of selfies. While picture quality doesn’t arrive at any new statures, with a somewhat prepared hope to fine subtleties even in great lighting, selfies in genuinely dim rooms despite everything look brilliant. You’ll just, as could be, see less detail in more awful lighting.


  • Android 10
  • Samsung One UI
  • Some slack

The Samsung Galaxy A51 runs Android 10 with the Samsung One UI programming on top. This implies it looks fundamentally the same as a Galaxy S20.

It is one of the most sound and sure looking custom interfaces around, in spite of the fact that we unequivocally suggest expanding the quantity of application lines and sections utilized as standard. The Samsung A51 has a toy-like look when you first turn it on gratitude to the wide symbol dispersing.

To change this, long-press a vacant piece of a home screen and select ‘Home Screen Settings’. You’ll locate the pertinent controls there. We’d just rolled out the improvement before taking the photographs found in this survey.

The essential format of One UI is completely acceptable, if distinctive to standard Android. Its applications menu utilizes pages as opposed to one long look of application symbols, yet you can likewise orchestrate them into envelopes should you like to keep your telephone sorted out.

The Samsung Galaxy A51’s product resembles that of a top-end Samsung, yet it doesn’t feel the equivalent. There’s fundamentally more slack here, applications take more time to load, and there are a few stops we were somewhat astounded to find in a telephone at the cost.

Change activitys at times falter, and now and again the console pauses for a minute to show up when you tap a book box. The Oppo Reno 2Z and Moto G8 Plus are smoother.

This stoppage isn’t maddening. It is minor. Be that as it may, it is an unavoidable update this is anything but a top-end telephone, and general execution has a place with the class beneath. $400/£330 gets you a great deal of telephone, regardless of whether many spend over $1000/£900 nowadays.

The slack factor merits considering on the off chance that you intend to purchase the Samsung Galaxy A51 out and out as an approach to get a good deal on costly agreements, after years on the top of the line Android redesign treadmill.


  • Samsung Exynos 9611 chipset
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 128GB of capacity

So for what reason is the Samsung Galaxy A51 dull minded? Slack like this can be brought about by under-improved programming, which can be fixed in an update. However, it might likewise be down to the chipset or RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has an Exynos 9611 CPU, not the Qualcomm Snapdragon kind we will in general kindness. It is actually comparative ish to the Snapdragon 665 utilized in the Motorola Moto G8.

There are four Cortex A73 centers timed at 2.3GHz, and four lower power Cortex A53 centers at 1.7GHz. It’s the equivalent double group game plan seen in pretty much every telephone at the cost. What’s more, it acquires the telephone 1,288 focuses in Geekbench 5, fundamentally the same as the Huawei P30 Lite, the Motorola Moto G8 and Motorola One Action, and the Google Pixel 3a.

The GPU is a triple-center Mali-G72, which again offers fundamentally the same as graphical capacity to the Adreno 610 and 612 illustrations chips utilized in Qualcomm-fueled other options.

Our test Samsung Galaxy A51 has 4GB of RAM. It ought to be sufficient to keep Android brisk, leaving the utilization of an Exynos chipset as the most evident equipment feeble connection here. Today they are once in a while comparable to the nearest spec’d Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.


  • Gaming execution is blended however commonly strong
  • Mono speaker yet sensible quality

The Samsung Galaxy A51 execution with games that utilization the Vulkan illustrations standard appears to be genuinely poor. You need to run Ark: Survival Evolved at low illustrations and diminished goals to get it to a playable state, with more noteworthy visual penances than a Snapdragon-fueled telephone with a GPU that ought to be likewise proficient.

Different games will in general passage much better. PUBG runs entirely well with ‘HD’ designs and against associating turned on. Honorable obligation: Mobile is smooth as well.

With most titles you get an encounter genuinely near that of a progressively costly telephone, which is a sweet comfort after the general execution hitches. The Samsung Galaxy A51’s screen likewise makes games look extraordinary. In any case, there’s a ton of Snapdragon-controlled rivalry at the cost, and they appear to offer progressively reliable outcomes.

Speaker quality is reasonable. There’s a solitary driver on the last, one with strong most extreme volume. Treble is somewhat grating maximized and we’d in a perfect world like a sound system cluster, however.

Battery life:

  • 4,000mAh battery
  • 15W charger
  • One-day battery life

The Galaxy A51 has a 4,000mAh battery, which is about as low a limit as we are alright with in a telephone with a 6.5-inch screen.

Its life span is sensible, if that’s it. We haven’t consistently needed to energize the Samsung Galaxy A51 toward the evening just to ensure it makes it to lights-out, however we are typically left with little charge by the late night.

We likewise tried how much video playback eats the battery at most extreme splendor. Here the Samsung A51 profits by a proficient OLED board.

On our first endeavor an hour and a half video took only 6% off the charge level: a great outcome.

Be that as it may, this telephone clutches its announcing of ‘100%’ charge level for a long while. On a subsequent endeavor, with the battery level beginning underneath full, it lost 10%. We likewise re-ran the test in brilliant conditions to make the Samsung Galaxy A51 utilize its supported splendor mode. It lost 13% charge at max brilliance. These outcomes are acceptable, proposing any deficit in battery isn’t down to the presentation.

The Samsung A51 accompanies a quick charger, a lower end 15W one. Charge speed isn’t near the “half in a short time” highest quality level. A 30-minute charge from level took the telephone to 31% battery, and a full charge will take around two hours.

The telephone doesn’t bolster remote charging, yet we would be astounded in the event that it did at the cost. You just will in general observe remote charge support in progressively costly telephones.


The Samsung Galaxy A51’s attracts are like those of other mid-value Samsungs. Its OLED screen is bright, differentiate is ultra-high, and Samsung’s product looks acceptable.

Samsung’s image has never appeared to be more grounded among Androids as well, presently that we’re bound to suggest an Oppo telephone than one made by Sony, HTC, or Huawei.

One significant piece of the A51 is beneath normal at the cost, however: execution. The Galaxy A51 causes Android to feel somewhat slow, more so than the typical application load inconsistency between a decent reasonable telephone and a top-end one.

Different pieces of the telephone are strong. Furthermore, protests about low-light camera execution, the advantage of the inconsistent ‘quad-camera’ exhibit, and not as much as leader level screen brilliance apply to most at the cost. That the Samsung Galaxy A51 works progressively like a telephone from the level beneath is difficult to overlook, however.

Who’s this for?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is for those after a moderately reasonable telephone who would prefer to possess a Samsung than an Android from Motorola, Oppo or Xiaomi.

Those organizations will in general offer somewhat more for your cash, yet the draw of the Samsung Galaxy arrangement is solid.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

This telephone isn’t one of our top choices at the cost, to a great extent in view of its imperfect general presentation. It feels excessively moderate everyday at the cost, regardless of whether it can run most mainstream 3D games completely well.

A few choices additionally offer better battery life, similar to the Oppo A5 2020. You would be advised to value Samsung’s specific qualities before purchasing a Galaxy A51. These incorporate a rich OLED screen and an attractive Android interface.

First inspected was on May 2020.