BOE To Start Supplying Apple With OLED Panels For The iPhone 12 Family

    Recently, before even the iPhone 12 family became, gossip guaranteed that Apple is in talks with BOE to turn into a third OLED screen provider for the iPhone 12-arrangement. Notwithstanding, just Samsung and LG stayed in the store network with BOE having a few issues with the quality control and the arrangement was pushed back until those issues were settled.

    Presently, an industry investigator firm says that BOE has at long last gotten accreditation and will before long beginning assembling OLED boards for Apple’s iPhone 12 family. The gauge is that Samsung will make around 130 million units in 2021 while LG and BOE settle for 40 and 10 million units, individually.

    In any case, if all works out positively one year from now with the iPhone 12 deals, that is, the request may be knock up to 20 million. This is by all accounts the organization’s initial step into taking over 40% of the worldwide OLED board market, which is determined to reach $49.7 billion of every 2024.